16.5.2022 – 20.5.2022


The 4mobility of students took place between 16 May in Romania, in Piatra Neamț, at the National College “Calistrat Hogaș” where the development of the virtual laboratory continued. The foreign and Romanian students were divided in three teams: scientists, designers, programmers, which worked on different parts of the project.

On the first day, after the school presentation the students got the chance to get to know each other through the ice-breaking activities and share their personal interests and hobbies. After lunch we went on a trip to the Red Lake and took a walk around the lake admiring the mountain range but also the nature. The second and third day started with workshops that involved researching chemistry and physics experiments along with the development of the website. This was followed by cultural activities which implied a trip to visit the Neamț medieval fortress, the memorial house of Ion Creangă, a show with traditional Romanian dances and a pottery activity. The last day consisted in the final presentations and the goodbye gathering.
During the week we formed strong friendships and learned about eachother’s culture and also we enjoyed every moment with our teammates. We (the Romanians) were thrilled to share a little part of our culture and traditions, from the food and dances to the language and the environment. 

We were pleased by the feedback we received from the other countries: 

Turkey – “Working with the other students was good, people were kind and funny. We learned different traditions and cultures, especially Romanian ones.”,

Czech Republic – “We adapted very quickly, because the Romanian students were very helpful with showing us around, giving us tips on where to buy food and also helping us with the communication”.

All in all, we believe that the whole project was an unforgettable experience and everybody developed their skills in IT, science, programming and foreign languages. Hopefully we’ll meet again someday. :))


16.5.2022 – 20.5.2022


The National College “Calistrat Hogaș” Piatra Neamț, Romania

The next meeting is taking place in Zlín. The last meeting :(!