About the project

The project “VR Science Lab” is a cooperation among 5 schools from Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Turkey and Spain.

The aims of the project are to create Science lab in virtual reality and make lesson plans for wide using in subjects Chemistry, Physics and Ecology. Virtual reality allows

the students to move away from simply ‘learning’ a subject or topic to ‘feeling’ the content. Schools are often forced to leave out certain learning tools due to budget limitations. Elementary and high school age children are required to do a certain amount of work in a formal science lab. Elementary students, however, often have limited access to experiments. Each school is different in what they are able to offer.

The idea for the lab development is to have student’s teams that will fulfill the tasks needed for its creation.

The teams will be:

– Science team (design experiments, describe lab and required equipments, etc.)

– Programmers team (coding)

– Designers team (3D graphic)

These teams will consist of students from each country. In between the mobility meetings the teams will still work on their tasks together by using different communication and data sharing possibilities (eTwinning, project website…).

Due to creating this lab students will explore way how to present knowledges of Science for by using IT tools.

Other parts of the project will include to create things related to the lab: logo, poster, website, promotional material, budget.

An important part of the project is to increase teachers’ and students’ language skills. When working in the international teams and during the project meetings and mobilities the participants will use foreign languages as a way of communication.

We specify on the following general objectives of our project as the most relevant:

– improvement of the level of key competences and skills (ICT)

– increase interest in Science and Technology

– use STEM approach

– exchange teaching experiences and ensuring teacher’s professional development

– strengthening European sense of identity and improve English language skills

– enhancing international cooperation

– support modernisation of education

– increase opportunities for learning mobility of young learners

The final goal of all these products is its dissemination. Because the contents of these products will collect all the material worked on the project.There are different products’ formats. On this way, it will be very easy to access information by the potentials.

We want prepare products that can be disseminated and used, both in the participating schools, and in others that might use the teaching materials, the work system or draw the consequences of results of the project.