Final meeting in Zlin is done

The last mobility of both students and teachers took place between 5th-10th  June at Creative Hill College in Zlín, the Czech Republic. During this mobility we made some final touches to the project we have worked on for the whole year. The final project presentation was held on 10th June.

On Monday, the principal´s deputy had his welcoming speech to foreign students and teachers. After that they got the chance to get to know each other through many ice-breaking activities. In the afternoon they participated in a 3D graphics workshop.

Through the whole next two days everyone was working hard on finalizing the project. The students were divided into groups with different tasks so that the project could be finished in time. In the Wednesday afternoon we spent some free time in Zlín city center. Among all we had a guided tour in the 21st building of Bata´s company – the Zlín´s skyscraper.

On Thursday we had a trip to Brno which involved visiting VIDA! Science center where the students had a chance to have a first-hand experience with all the scientific experiments that they have included in their VR Science lab project. According to their feedback they had a great time trying out some new experiments and also paying a visit to the Science theatre show. After lunch we spend some time together with cultural activities, e.g. sightseeing in the city center, visiting the Spilberk castle.

The last day consisted of the final presentation of the whole project and a goodbye gathering. Everyone considered the whole project as an enriching and unforgettable experience. The students were pleased about increasing their programming skills and about having a chance to make many new friends from various countries.