Turkey meeting was held between 28th March-1st April.We met our guests at the airport in İzmir and picked them up to the hotel on Sunday.We were at the Technology Faculty of Turgutlu Hasan Ferdi University on Monday.First,We had some entertaining icebreakers there.After having  lunch,there was the introduction of the university.They gave us some information about the departments,facilities…etc.On Tuesday,we did some educative chemistry experiments in the laboratory of our school.We went to İzmir and had a chance to see some nice places on the coast in the afternoon.On Wednesday,students did modelings with oculus quest 2.They made designs with the unity program and viewed them on the oculus. It was an efficient activity for the students as they practiced on the unity program.In the afternoon,we travelled to Manisa and visited several historical museums there.On Thursday,the presentation of our project,some cultural shows,activities and the certificate ceremony were held at the hotel’s meeting room where our guests stayed.We had great time together.We visited local authorities in the afternoon and we had erasmus dinner in the evening.

On Friday,last day of Turkey mobility,we woke up about 7.00 and had breakfast at the hotel.Our bus was in front of the hotel early in the morning,waiting for us.We left the hotel and had a great journey that was about 2 hours to Selçuk, Ephesus.About 10 o’clock,our tour guide met us and took us to Virgin  Mary’s house first.It was believed to be the place where Mary had spent her last days before she  died.The visitors were praying,some of them were also crying as they had intense religious,spiritual feelings deep inside.After visiting Virgin Mary’s house,we entered the ancient city of Ephesus which was the biggest ancient city in Turkey and only %20 of it has been discovered so far.We walked about 2 hours inside the city with the accompany of our tour guide.He was a successful guide and gave us all detailed information about Ephesus.After Ephesus,we went to Şirince;a small,lovely,touristic village where you can find nice souvenirs,restaurants…We had lunch and spent about 2 hours there.It was time to go back to Turgutlu.We had an amazing day that we will never forget…

As a result,thanks to this project,we had a great chance to know different cultures,enlighten and enlarge our mind.It was a unique  feeling to meet and make new foreign friends.Our students learned about  not only the subjects related to VR Science,they also realized the importance of learning new languages,especially English. All of the participants were so kind and hospitable.They did their best while hosting each team.

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