What the students think about the project? (part 1)

Interview with students – Malaga mobility


STUDENTS: Berke Çiçek,İlker Yılmaz,Salih Yılmaz

INTERVIEWER: Sezin Yüksel-Turkey


What is your expectations from the Project ?

Berke: I hope to improve our modeling and coding skills.

İlker : I want to develope myself more in the field of software with this project.

Salih : I expect learning new programmes with this Project.


What have you gained with this Project ?

Berke: I have learned and improved basic usages of some programmes.The Project helped me to develope the programmes which I like.

İlker: I have learned some new programmes thanks to this project.

Salih: I have gained precious experiences.


What do you think about the programmes you learned during the Project?

Berke: I found them quite interesting.We have used qualified programmes,especially the unity was so good.I like it.

İlker: These are the programmes that I have used before.They are very useful,current and optimized.Good preferences for the Project.

Salih: I think they are informative,easy to use and enjoyable programmes.


Do you think the educations in online meeting is beneficial?

Berke: Yes,with these meetings I have overcome some of my lacks especially in the Unity programme.And they were a revision of Blender for me.

İlker: Yes,I found them so informative and entertaining.

Salih: They were not boring.They made us revise our knowledge about the programmes.


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