What the students think about the project (part 2)

STUDENTS: Dominik Grgić and Mateo Martinčić;

INTERVIEWER: Nicola Kiramarios – Croatia

Virtual mobility was a new experience. Impressions?

Mateo: It was interesting, definitely. I learnt some 3D modelling and how to create a simple Unity game.

Dominik: And it was fun to meet the students from other countries, even if it was online. 

What was the best part?

Mateo: Learning from peers, without doubt. It was great to watch students from the Czech Republic share their knowledge. And quite inspiring, too.

Dominik: I agree.  It is different  than when you listen to teachers explain something. 

What was the most challenging task?

Mateo: I had to give a presentation in English about our country, together with Nicola. I’m generally good at English and I love communicating, but it was a bit of a challenge  to address the audience this way. 

Dominik: For me, the biggest challenge was to stay focused. I usually spend hours in front of the computer screen, but this was a bit more demanding. At times, the sound wasn’t ideal and I struggled to keep pace with what was being said and done.

What are you looking forward to in the next mobility?

Mateo: The next mobility is in our city, Zagreb, so we hope it’s going to be the phyisical one for everybody. It would be great to finally meet the students and the teachers from other countries in person.

Dominik: Absolutely. Virtual mobilities are fun, but working side by side with others would be a completely different experience. And we can hang out together later.

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