The Erasmus+ KA229 VR Science Lab project started two years ago when the main coordinator from the Czech Republic gathered a team from four more countries-Romania, Spain, Turkey and Croatia. The idea behind the project was to create a virtual laboratory, which would interconnect STEM skills and practices in classroom.  Following the initial activities and the project approval, our first meeting was set up in Brno at the beginning of December 2019. After the short first meeting, and a quick recovery from long journeys, all the partners visited the VIDA science museum in order to get inspired and motivated for the experiments which are to be created during the project. In the following days, the partners had several workshops and tasks. One of the first tasks was the choice of the project logo. The partners agreed that a voting should be transparent and unbiased so they couldn’t vote their own country and they gave points to other countries’ logos and finally they chose the one created by a student from the Croatian team. Another decision to be made was the agreement on the website domain name. In the end we all agreed that vrscience.eu was to going to be used for our project webpage, while vrsciencelab.eu was going to be used as a webpage with a list of experiments that would be done during the next two years of our project. 

During the first coordinators’ meeting in the Czech Republic there was also a discussion about the activities that were to be done in Malaga, Spain where the first mobility of students and their mentors was to take place.

And finally,  aside from being educational and inspiring, our visit to the Zlin Skola Filmova was entertaining as well. Getting an opportunity to try out latest VR technologies and software, the teachers put themselves in the role of students. Hopefully, this will help them to better understand both their own classes and the position of their students.